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How is a Street Light Pole Arm Constructed?

Before you buy a Street Light Pole Arm, make sure that the manufacturer provides you with proper support and fast response. The arm should be installed with adequate clearance off the ground to prevent any damage to the lights. A good manufacturer should also have fast turnaround and good customer service. If you have a large budget, you may want to visit the factory before making a final purchase. If you are unsure of which street light pole arm to buy, take some time to research the product.
Steel poles are fabricated in two main methods. They can be cold rolled or pressed. In the former method, the material is placed in a grove in a bottom tool and then bent to the required degree. The octagonal version is produced by bending steel on a press brake. After the material is cut, it is then passed through a cleaning solution to remove any excess material. After this process, a continuous tube is cut into a specified length. The manufacturer will also cut the mounting holes and the handholes as per the specifications of their customers.
The construction of the Street Light Pole Arm depends on several factors. First, it must have fitting devices for street poles. Second, it should have a stable structural strength. It should be installed between 10.5 m and 12.5 m poles. Third, it must be mounted at least one meter below the outreach joint and at least four meters above ground level. The third key feature is the cable entry opening. The openings must be round in order to protect the service cables. The smallest radius should be 5 mm.
After the construction process, the Street Light Pole Arm is shipped to the customer. The manufacturer then assembles it by welding it together and applies a metal or plastic strap around it to prevent it from falling. The arm is then tested by SGS and delivered to the intended customers. After all these steps, the Street Light Pole Arm is ready for use. It will improve the safety of the street. It will also extend the light period during the night.
The Street Light Pole Arm should be installed close to the property line and not in front of the residence. Once the pole is properly installed, the electrical utility company will connect it to a lighting circuit. The pole should be bonded with a grounding conductor. The poles should be labeled accordingly. For example, poles in circuit number 1 should be labeled 2F03-1-1. And likewise, a pole on circuit number 2 should be labeled 2F03-1-2.
There are two main types of Street Light Pole Arms. There is a standard pole arm and an octagonal pole. The former type is used when the pole is six or eight meters tall and the latter one is eighteen meters or higher. Generally, the two different types of poles should be connected to each other, and a Street Light Pole Arm is used to enhance the overall strength of the pole. The latter one is recommended for light poles in high-traffic areas.

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