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Shaoxing Zhenyang Machinery Co,Ltd is professional China Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Casting Parts foundry and Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Casting Parts manufacturers. We provide coordinated services from mold design, manufacturing of the rough casting and mechanical processing services. Certainly, we have passed the TATF 16949:2016 quality management system. We mainly manufacture gravity casting parts, low pressure casting parts,die casting parts, custom Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Casting Parts, shell-core casting parts and sand casting parts.

·From mold design to manufacturing.

.From casting to heat treatment.

·From casting to mechanical processing. Finished surface treatment.

·You only need to give us the drawings or samples and tell us the requirements, the rest is done by us,you only need to check.

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What are the key considerations when designing aluminum alloy high pressure casting parts?
When designing aluminum alloy high pressure casting parts, several key considerations should be taken into account:
1.Material Selection: Choose the appropriate aluminum alloy with the desired mechanical properties, such as strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance, that align with the specific application requirements.
2.Wall Thickness: Optimize the wall thickness of the part to ensure proper filling during the casting process while avoiding defects like shrinkage or porosity.
3.Draft Angles: Incorporate draft angles into the design to facilitate the removal of the part from the mold after casting. This helps prevent sticking or damage to the part.
4.Fillets and Radii: Include fillets and radii in areas with sharp corners or transitions to improve the flow of molten metal during casting and reduce stress concentrations in the final part.
5.Undercuts and Core Pulls: Minimize undercuts and complex features that require core pulls or slides, as they increase the complexity and cost of the mold design and casting process.
6.Parting Lines: Carefully consider the location of parting lines to ensure proper alignment and minimize the need for additional machining or finishing operations.
7.Gate and Runner Design: Design the gating system to allow for efficient filling of the mold cavity and minimize the potential for turbulence, air entrapment, or other defects.

How does high pressure casting enhance the properties of aluminum alloy parts?
High-pressure casting, also known as high-pressure die casting (HPDC), is a manufacturing process used to produce aluminum alloy parts. This process involves injecting molten aluminum alloy into a steel mold cavity at high pressure, typically ranging from 1500 to 4500 pounds per square inch (psi). High-pressure casting offers several advantages that enhance the properties of aluminum alloy parts:
1.Improved mechanical properties: The high pressure applied during casting results in a dense and uniform structure, reducing porosity and enhancing the mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy parts. This process produces components with high tensile strength, improved fatigue resistance, and increased hardness.
2.Tight dimensional tolerances: High-pressure casting allows for precise control over the shape and dimensions of the parts. The high-pressure injection ensures that the molten aluminum fills the mold cavities completely, resulting in accurate and consistent parts with tight dimensional tolerances.
3.Excellent surface finish: The high-pressure casting process produces aluminum alloy parts with smooth and uniform surface finishes. This eliminates the need for additional surface finishing operations, such as polishing or grinding, reducing production time and costs.
4.Complex shapes and thin walls: High-pressure casting enables the production of complex-shaped parts with thin walls. The high pressure exerted on the molten metal helps in filling intricate details of the mold, allowing for the creation of parts with intricate geometries, thin-walled sections, and fine features.
5.High production efficiency: High-pressure casting is a rapid and efficient manufacturing process. The short cycle times and high production rates make it suitable for large-scale production of aluminum alloy parts. The process is highly automated, enabling the production of a high volume of parts with consistent quality.

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